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A neighbor who is an electrical designer has looked at the car and tried to jump it off at the starter and it did turn over and over but it never did start. I don't have anymore options left, I can't fix all the possibilities and hope one of them is IT, so unfortunately, I will have to abandon the car. I believe the car could be a good car but this failure to start, according to the electrical expert, is electrical... he can't fix it, and there is no where else to turn. I'm unfortunately broke so I guess I'll try to take the bus home.

Does anyone in the Memphis, Tennessee area need a 1972 220D? If not, anyone know a charity that'll take it? or, can I sell it for scrap? Or to some one who can use a good car with a few problems? Cheap, if not free. I hate this but, I have absolutely no options left.
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