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After banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what was causing this, I finally took it to the dealership. Even they kinda "guessed" it was this part, because one of the techs said he had seen this before. I guess they tested the switch values (in park, reverse, drive, 2, 1, etc) and they said the switch was definetely bad.

They said they were 90% sure this would cure the problem, and it did thankgod. Everyone was telling me I had to replace the wiring harness, throttle actuators, pretty much had my car totaled in parts alone. Im glad I have a very good local dealership that diagnosed this problem.

They charged me about $350 dollars. The part was $76.00 and the rest was labor. I guess they had to drop the tranny down a little bit to get to it. They also replaced the shift bushings and exhaust hangers. Everything is nice and tight now. Hopefully this will be it for now, so I can save my money for my performance parts

Good luck.
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