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Another A/C question...

Hi everyone!

I did the search but didn't come up with anything remotely answering this question. I have a 1993 190E with 2.3 engine and it was in the shop a week ago for engine replacement. They also did A/C maintenance (I know the shop very well and trust them completely) - pulled vacuum, recharged it and put some oil in. Prior to maintenance the A/C would only blow cold air at speed and not-so-cool at idle, which lead everyone to think that it was undercharged. Now, the compressor engages (just as it did) no cool air comes out at all. Ambien air is all I get - at idle or speed. The shop did the measurements and they said the system holds the pressure fine and builds up pressure difference. They said it might be dirt in the system thats causing it. Now, the charging port thats on the front of the car (near the fans) is getting awfully hot, the other port (near the fender wall) is ambient. The sightglass is clear and I can see streams in there. What should I look at next?
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