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W124 (1990 300TE) “Clunk” When Shifting

Mileage = 155k
The transmission was rebuilt at 130k and the front and rear flex disks were replaced at that time. I now have a “clunk” (sounds / feels like from differential area) when the car upshifts from second to third and a much more pronounced “clunk” from third to fourth. The “clunk” is most prevalent when the car is cold and then diminishes significantly as it is driven. When cold, there is even a modest “clunk” when slowing the car and the transmission downshifts ... at near stop. However, if the parking break is on ... and the car is shifted from reverse to forward, there is no noticeable “clunk” at that time.

In reviewing threads, my first inclination was a flex disk problem even though they had been replaced only 25k ago. When I called my mechanic, he said it was probably the differential bushings. He said this was a labor intensive job, particularly due to the interference with the self-leveling connections on the TE wagon.

Any insight pursuant diagnosis, or actions to be taken to effect a thorough diagnosis would be appreciated.

I did see threads by J.HIDALGO (“Differential rear mounts 124") and by 300EE320 (“Differential Mounts: Follow-up”). In both instances there was caution about how tough the job was. If it is the differential bushings (or mounts ... as I have seen them referred to in other threads), is the job actually more difficult on a TE wagon versus, e.g., a 300E sedan? Thanx much ... Qrash
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