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I remember writing that, but we have a larger problem here. We are not trying for mileage but for life itself.

To get the thing right now you will need to use Mike's advice. Short of taking off a valve cover, it is hard to tell #1 from #6. Move the engine to top dead center (TDC) and remove the distributor cap, see where the rotor is pointing. If it is pointing at #1 or #6 you will need to turn it 180 degrees. Since you marked it I presume that you have only missed by a little bit. Probably at least two teeth of the distributor gear. If you are closer to six than to one turn the motor one revolution back to TDC. You should now be closer to one than six. Lift the distributor and set it back down such that the rotor points at the #1 termional inside the cap. Notice how the position changes as the gear seats its self. If not all the way down it will be pointing wrong till it drops completely. Do this with the distributor in midrange of its adjustment and when it runs use my old instructions for getting it sweet.
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