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Thanks to Kestas and psfred for your replys. I need to clarify regarding the "smog" equipment removed. The "cats" were completly rusted through, would have had to be replaced. The "smog" pump was removed primarily to get the belts to line up for the items removed from the other engine, ie AC and power pump. I had to take the main pully from the other engine, it did not have a "smog" pump. These were the items removed. As for the EGR, I cannot find anything corresponding to this item on this or the old engine. I definatly will go back to the timing and start over, at this juncture we were just trying to get it running then fine tune it. I sincerly appreciate your comments. Believe me when I say I love this part of the country to live in (south central missouri, ozarks) but it has its drawbacks when trying to work on this kind of a vehicle with the closest dealers/garages from 120 to 200+ miles away.
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