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>I think I am going to go with an intercooler core with dimensions about 3.5" X 19.0" X12.4". What do you guys think? Big enough?


Uh...Where are you going to fit this thing??

I can barely get a 6x3x24" under my front bumper. I would like to put a 9x3x24" core. 9x3x30" with the end tanks. If I cut the bumper out it might fit a 9" core. I found a Honda Civic front bumper which will fit the countour of the 190e. BUT that makes the front look like a Honda, not something I would like to do to a Benz! I cut the Honda bumper cover so I am just using the lower part of it and attached to the stock MB bumper. Maybe I should cut the opening in the front bigger and put some chicken wire.
We shall see.

I am limiting my HP to 325 since my car is an automatic until I rebuild the transmission. then I can go over 400HP! My plan is to push the stock motor until it can go no more!

The sizing on your intercooler is good for 500+ HP.

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