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Thank you once again,

I have done 75 miles driving in city (mainly) and freeway over the last two days, and noticed no shaking at standstill. I am a little baffled as to how this has come around after resetting the car and the no shaking. I had noticed that the car temp rises to 95C and then comes back down to 85C which is the normal temp (which I guess due to traffic). The service advisor told me never to shift into Neutral when at standstill (which I use to do on the basis of to reduce the workload on the car at standstill), but just to leave it in Drive, which I am doing now which is different.

Is there anyway I can check the error code for the O2 sensor from the car?

How easy is it to replace the O2 sensor in question?

By the way, on a separate issue, I have noticed a 1.5cm crack on the passenger airbag surround? Why is that?

Kind Regards

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