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Question W124 Front Control Arm Bushings


How can I check if my front control arm bushings are in installed properly? I have read the factory manual and they say that the rears should be installed with flat parts vertical and fronts should be horiztonal.

A mehanic installed them 9 months ago, with parts from Rusty Cullens. These parts have 3 bumps on them on opposite sides. Does this correspond to the flats parts? On all four bushings, the 3 bumps are at top and bottom, which MAY sugest a problem.

In additon -the rears look fine, BUT the top part of the bushing in the front looks compressed such that the rubber is squeezing out at the top (bottom looks okay).

This seems like a problem to me!

Am I correct in thinking the front, front control arm bushings are improperly installed and/or failed? ... which could be the cause of the vibration I've been having.

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