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Water In Gas / Bad Head Gasket?

Hello MBer's
My '91 190e 2.3 has a peculiar intermitent problem. It runs and idles perfectly, then at times during acceleration a puff of blue/white smoke billows out the tailpipe and I get some pinging. I get it home, idle it for awhile, and the smoke persists. So, I check the plugs, all are wet, can't tell if it's water, gas or fuel. After installing the plugs, I let it sit overnight. I start it up in the morning, everything works fine. A week later, the same scenario.
So, after much thought, I am assuming it's the head gasket. But if it was, why wouldn't it smoke all the time. Then I considered maybe there's water in my gas. Would this cause the same symptoms as a leaky head gasket?
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