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Question Have I stumbled into the Gremlin's lair? EHA valve??

O.K. I been walking by my 300 all week without even looking toward it cause it makes me sick. Well, just moments ago while straightening up my workbench, I have my Dmm in my hand and it occurs to me that I have what I need to test the EHA. I rig up a crude connector and set the DMM to 20MV. I start the car and walk around to see read the display. 0.00mv. Hummph, maybe something isn't connected right. Yup, one of the test lead alligators has jumped off.... but wait a minute... this thing is running pretty good!!! The EHA is disconnected completely. O.K. It's in open loop. I'll plug the EHA up and see what happens. Engine starts running ragged again. Disconnect and it smoothes out!!! Just for sh**s and giggles. I reach in the car and push the A/C button. The compressor engages and cool air comes out. Drive the car down the road, pep is back!! Check engine light alternates on and off but no effect on the way it runs. What am I to make of this. Have I finally found the Gremlin, or at least one of them??
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