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Could it be? My Holy Grail found?

Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed! After the last debacle, I'm not holding my breath though. I found a beautiful 1988 300E, charcoal/gr. The mileage is very low, the records are there and now I await the mechanic's OK. Last time it was a thumbs down. This one has had the head gasket changed already and was dealer maintained for everything literally by the book and all stamps are there.

One quick funny story. I went to a dealership that had a 300E for sale. I looked nice enough. I asked if they offered carfax reports and he said yes. He ran it, we both sat there and learned together that the mileage had been turned back over 50,000 miles a few years ago! I laughed and he went to get the manager who was on duty. Seems they forgot to run it themselves before they took it on a trade in!

Ron Brooks
Ron Brooks
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