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errrr...I thought in one of your post money was no object?

The Starion intercooler is ok but a little small, I used it on my VW and got 450 HP out of it. But it ran really hot.

If you are planning on spending $1200 buy an Apexi or Trust....
My friend is running an Apexi on his 700+ HP drag Honda and from testing it seems to keep the temp down well. He had a Spearco unit before with the same sq area and his HP was about 680. There was a 20 degree difference in IC discharge temp.

The Saab intercooler will work if you can fit it in front of the Benzs radiator. I think it will be too tight with the M103.

Water to Air is very efficient especially for street use. You could build an effective unit with all parts for less than $300. Plus the 190e has a lot of room to install a W2A-IC

What type of HP are you expecting?

Are you just going to front mount the IC with no front spoiler? or ??
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