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300E Starting Problem

I have a 1991 300E with 53K on it. Recently, when I attempt to start it it takes longer to start(2-3 seconds) than in the past.

When it does fire, it quits but starts and runs on the second try. It may stumble a bit before it smooths out and then it runs perfectly with normal operating temps and excellent fuel mileage.

If I depress the accelerator during the starting process, it will usually start OK on the first try after cranking a bit.

The car is kept in an insulated garage in Arizona where the ambient temps inside the garage are in the 90's and outside the temps are well into triple digits.

This seems to occur after the engine has been off for about an hour or longer.

The gasoline is Chevron Premium.

Could this be an 02 sensor problem? I recently had the exhaust changed back of the catalytic converter and the stupid hammer mechanic beat on the pipes coming out of the cat trying to get the old muffler off.
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