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I bought my last two Benzes...

....through ads in the AutoTrader. Both cars lived, and continue to live, up to my expectations....As with any old car, however, there are always hidden issues. The only real "protection" a buyer has is whatever information he/she has about the car that he intends to buy. Forewarned is forearmed. The more you know about the particular model you are looking to buy, the easier it is to avoid problems.

Also, it helps to have a trusted mechanic. And you should budget about 20% of the final price for unexpected problems.

Before I bought the 300TE I asked here about issues/problems with that particular model. The information that I gleaned from this site helped me avoid a couple of gussied-up beauties with hidden probelms...The information also helped me to negotiate a better price....

Seek and ye shall find....
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