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Hello fellas!
To update everyone on the final verdict (as Mike T would put it), my baby's dong just fine and it has been doing constant 80-82 degrees with or without the A/C running in the 90+ degree heat out here. I figured it had to be the radiator too and thanks to everyone for their input.

The highest the temp has gone was yesterday on an infamous road (Roswell to those in Atlanta) where you barely move an inch a minute to get back to the interstate.The fiance and I were meeting at a restaurant to exchange cars (because her mom and her aunt and cousin came down to look at wedding dresses and go to the bridal shows this weekend and her little convertible was unbearable and she needed the "limo").

She reached about 88 or a bit over and the aux fans didn't even have to kick in! Once I got going and traffic let up she was back down to 80-82 within a few seconds...So as of now the high temp saga has finally ended and the "squashed passenger saga was over for my fiance and future in-laws thanks to the "limo" who showed them all comfortable (and roomy) southern hospitality. Once again, thanks guys for all of the advice and hopefully the next project (my euro light conversion ) will be another pleasant ending! By the way Mike, did you get to see Ashman's euros? Mine are awesome and I've still got an extra set available that I may end up giving up.

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