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Attn: hasman - 190e ?

Haasman, you stated the following in your techron post "The '87 190E 2.3 I have been looking at for my daughter has been running VERY poorly. We change the rotor, cap, plub wires, did the leaking water pump, changed the relay with the fuse in the top, bled the injector lines and even added a bottle of Techron.

Still ran VERY poorly. Then, something caught my eye on one of the great posts on this site: It said "add even two bottles of Techron if you think the fuel injectors are really dirty" .... so I did. I let the car idle for about 5 minutes. I raced the engine a little bit .... let it run some more. I brought the RPMs up to about 2,500 and then I heard a sound kind of like a soft "phlup" ... and WOW! The engine runs sweet and the terrible trans problems are no more. "

I am wondering what he terrible trans problems were? I have added the second bottle and have let the car run for a few minutes, no change. I am planning to let the car idle for 20 minutes or so tomorrow and then race it for a few minutes and see what happens.
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