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Freeze out in the 560

Yesterday coming back from the So Cal GTG, even though outside temps were well over 100*F, I was freezing in the car. The problem was that the ACC never kicked to low speed fan, although I was able to just set it to low and not be blown out, the temp never stabilized at comfortable (but I do like it cold, but this was too cold ).

Today I tested the interior sensor by using a small piece of tissue paper over the grate next to the interior light, the paper kind of stayed, but I think it was due to static rather than air draw. I pulled the light assembly and checked out the unit visually. I don't see any small fan in there but did see a blue resistor (or some piece of electrical gadgetry).

Is the fan in this unit or is it located at the other end of the tubing? The tubing is rubber, like large vacuum line not the foam type the 123 owners have to replace. I'd like to get the ACC working correct again before heading to Laughlin this weekend.
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