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Nick, is it noisy w/o moving the steering wheel, or does it groan (low pitched whine or hum) when you cycle the wheel lock to lock. Also at full lock do you get any increase in noise or any motion feedback from the steering. I had H20 in my 87 300e p/s system, (don't know how it got there)and in the winter, it was noisy as hell when cold but fine when warmed up. Don't know if this is what you have, but for me the fix was to drain p/s system, refill with ATF and 1/2 container of dry gas, run until warm, drain again and refill with proper p/s oil. This may sound chop shop, but it saved my p/s pump, rack and a lot of $$. This only occurred in cold weather. Benzmac, ever heard of this fix? Came from and old-timer, Only catch is it takes 2/3 drains and refills to get all the garbage out, but it's still cheaper than p/s pump or rack.

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