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300E trunk lid springs , both sides, or one side only?

How many trunk lid springs are there on a 300E? One or two? The trunk lid on my 300E doesn't stay up all of the sudden. My girlfriend says she raised the trunk lid and heard a popping sound, and now it won't stay up. Looking at the right (passenger) side of the trunk, I see a very simple spring mechanism with a metal tang sticking outboard from the big hinge tube and a big spring hooked from that towards and anchor point further to the rear. Looking at the other (left, drivers) side, I see that the front of the hinge tube has a little rough hole like maybe where a tang could have been welded in the past, but now there isn't one and I don't find a tang or spring anywhere. I suspect that the tang broke off and the spring on that side came off, but I really, really can't find the spring anywhere. Before I go ahead and accept that it broke and the broken spring was abducted by aliens or disappeared through some weird quantum tunnel wormhole, I wonder if a fellow 300E owner would confirm for me that the 300E even has a trunk lid spring on the drivers side.
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