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need some help with bump pads...

Hey everyone, here is my predicament. I had H&R lowering springs installed a while back, and the drop was quite a bit more than I expected. Even then with my 15s, I had rubbing up front while I was taking u-turns. Now, I installed 18x8 carlsson evos, just like subman's, and I am getting rubbing even more often (obviosly) I rolled the fenders, so now when I cam going straight, nothing rubs. I get crazy scary rubbing when I am taking turns though, or going up hills at an angle. I don't know what else I can do. The drop up front is quite dramatic, and coupled with my new wheels, there is about a pinky-space (flat ways) between the wheel and the fender (height wise). Now, while this looks absolutely fabolous, im sure this is why my car is rubbing. Looking at it from a logical perspective, the car can only roll a few degrees before it comes crashing down on one of my tires while im turning, and if I hit a small bump, there is definetaly going to be contact. Now, this whole thing has got me scared sh$%less, im afraid that the tire is going to rub and burst on me while im taking a turn, and im gonna end up 5 feet underground... So, now that I have told all of you my story, the point of this whole post was, how much difference is there height-wise between 1 bump and 3 bump pads, and does mercedes make 4 or 5 bump pads for the front? I hate to change the awesome look of my car, but if I can't drive it, who cares what it looks like... And, if there are any other suggestions as to what I can do, short of being smart and getting rid of the 18s (they are so beautiful, its impossible to put into words) please feel free to share.
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