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The trans problems were rock hard shifting. Wham, wham wham to the point where I was almost completely sure that I didn't want to buy the car.

Actually the first order of business was to figure out why the car ran so poorly. We did a compression test and I was surprised but it was very good: 190, 180, 175, 174. This car has 209k miles on it. I bled the injectors at the fuel distributor. (This can be VERY dangerous so be VERY careful and have a fire extinguisher close by). Best to have someone inside the car ready to kill the ignition while you do it. You have to pull the air cleaner off. Have rag handy to catch the fuel, but watch it because the intake will want to such it down into the engine.

On our car two of the four injector lines had crap in them and spurted out.

But .... this didn't help the running problem and it didn't help the shifting.

After the Techron double-dose I took it for a spin, hoping that I solved the engine part and then I would have to move over to figuring out what was wrong with the "slammin Trans".

I was astonished to find that it shifted great. I couldn't believe it. The shifting problem simply went away. I wish I could tell you why but I can't. My guess is simply not enough vacuum?

I would do just what you said: Put a double dose in, let it warm up and then drive it hard. Ideally up inclines where there are loads. Higher RPM driving as well (after warmed-up) it good. You want your injector pintels to get cleaned.

FYI-after you are sure the Techron cocktail has done its job, change your oil and filter as soon as you've run through the tank of the elixir.


It has been my philosophy, with the now eight used Benz that I have owned over the years, 1. if they have been well cared for before me .... that 2. they usually need small things, not the huge things. I know there are exceptions, but this has been my experience.

I buy well cared for cars. I want cars with long and complete service histories, ideally from day one. I don't want ones that have been messed with. Simply by the book.

Geesh, sorry about all this. I got on a roll. Hopefully this helped.

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