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>>>1. Depending on the voltage coming from this am I looking at an expensive repair. >>>

The blower regulator is not cheap but, isn't too bad. Check FastLane for preices. There was a update on these to help them shake heat so dont be suprised if the replacement looks different than the orignal. You can replace this yourself with a #2 phillips and a torx driver set.

<<2. You speak of the brush pack. Are you talking about the regulator. >>

Same part, should be under $100.00 for a Bosch unit. Same deal, #2 phillips, 2 skrews.

<<<3. I think I had this problem on previously owned W124 models. >>>

Not uncommon, same part of all the benz model, different part numbers tho. Some alternator require removal of the big black plastic cover to replace the regulator but, on the 104 powered cars it can be done on the car.

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