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Thanks Paul, now I'm not sure what's up, everything was working fine this morning.

Did a little reading in the climate control manual last night and found the Ohm values for various temps, so I plan on testing. This morning when I headed to work, I had the system set to Auto, and it started blowing hi fan and the fan promptly started slowing in stages. Outside temp was 62*F, dial set to about 20*C and the system put out warmed air until reaching the dial setting, then began softly blowing comfortable air with the A/C thermometer reading ~70*F.

Only thing that changed, other than my removing the sensor to look at it, was I cleaned it out by blowing thru it. There was a fairly thick layer of fine dust coating the inside. The resistor (or whatever makes up the sensor) was also coated in this dust and it took a shot of compressed air to get clean. Perhaps the dust was acting as insulation??

We'll see how well everything works this afternoon when the temps are in the 100's.
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