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Yea tell me about it...I was going crazy about what it could possibly be. I thought it was the radiator but didn't want to accept it because it was still "new" so I guess the advice I would give anyone is "just because its new doesn't mean it can't screw up" Mike, how's the 560 doing anyway? I kinda miss need to post a pic of the Blitzen mobile in its current state dude!

Hopefully I'll be putting up a 126 euro light conversion story together complete with pictures soon. I've gotta get my hands on a pretty good digital camera because I know I'll just have ANOTHER roll of film to get developed if I don't. I think I still have pictures of the 1996 Olympics that I haven't even developed yet

I've noticed that my blower motor fuse blows a lot and has even melted the bottom portion of the fuse holder so that I have to keep a piece of a broken fuse down in the hole where the connector should be to make a connection with the bottom and the top of the fuse. This was a problem when I got her and its just burning further and further down.

I want to replace the fuse with an independent 30 amp blade type fuse and wire it directly from the blower motor. Any ideas or is it a better way of avoiding this? I wonder if I have to replace the WHOLE fusebox with new connectors or am I able to take sections of the fusebox out and replace? I noticed that after 1986 the blower motor's fuse is located in a separate space other than under the fusebox door like the rest of them.Is this a reason for this or what? Just wondering before I take matters into my own hands.I really don't want to "rig" this,but she's blowing the fuses (25 amp) a lot and the smell of the burning comes through the vents when its about to blow---getting on my nerves. Thanks.


P.S. I shouldv'e just started another thread with this one huh?
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