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Exclamation Ignition Wire Plug Repair?

hey you guys....

so i had a grueling ordeal over the weekend....

my belt broke on my 300CE on friday night....and i was basically stuck at the am/pm in santa monica...until i called alon, the wonder benzoid guru....ASHMAN YOU'RE THE BEST!!!....

he basically totally replaced my belt with my minimal help...

it was so so amazing that all of a sudden what would have been a 450-600.00 job turned into a 40.00 fix...(new belt and latex gloves-no dirty hands)...even though alon got covered in dirt, from being an amazing friend and mechanic!!!!!

but a new problem lay hidden under the car was still misfiring....we realized later that the distributor had been cracked from the belt being broken.....

ugh so at that point alon and i and his brother and friend went out for a late night dinner (no parts shop open 24 hoo)....

i woke up the next morning...and bought an italian made Standard distributor for 81.00 (i don't know if it's any good but i needed a cheap quick fix)....

and i proceeded to replace the distributor....

leave it up to me to totally rip the wire out of the back of the distributor plug!!!!!!!!!

can this be fixed?

am i stuck with buying a new plug wire set?
help help help
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