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Thanks, gents.

That was helpful.


I think that your problem quite similar to mine. I did not mention in the last post that I also replace the EHA which was leaking. In fact, I am replacing the temp. sensor (for the emission system) next.

When the engine warmed up, I checked the mixture reading (pin3 at the diagnostic socket) and it was not stable. I could not set the mixture to 6.5v DC and ECU kept compensating to 12 or higher even though I tried to turn the set screw clock-wise (rich). Under normal situation, the reading on my meter should drop when I turned clock wire.


I have checked and cleaned the Cap, rotor, and plugs. They are all fine. that was the first thing I did as the symptom was quite similar to ignition problem.

Do you think that the fuel pump relay can cause this unusual problem?
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