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hey whoever is reading should scoop up alon!!!

i was amazed at how he was so determined and positive about getting my belt changed...

and voila...he did it!!!

even though the car wasn't running tip top, due to a cracked distributor cap, it was definitely better off than before....

oh and paul, i was able to find an full factory set from mbz in the south bay for 155.00!!!!!!

woo hoo....


parts guy at W I Simonz in santa monica is an jerk-off....not helpful at all!!!!!

i hope i can get the wires and put them on tonight....

i keep reading posts of better gas mileage, etc.

thanks again to alon, cause if not for him, my 300CE baby would be at enrique's waiting to get a 600.00+ service for belt, tensioner, and cap replacement....

because of alon, my 600.00+ is now only 45.00 for belt and gloves (to keep our hands clean), 155.00 for wire set (my screw up), and 81.00 for italian made distributor cap (casualty of belt cracking like a whip).....281.00....woo hoo...and even though that's still a lot (i'm broke ugh.. waaaahhh)'s way better than 600.00 or more....alon thanks for the help and your positive thinking!!!!!

p.s. anyone know where i could get a used supressor cover?
that was destroyed by the belt as well...ugh
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