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I'd do just about anything to help a friend in need, and in this case, it was a challenging repair. Nightime, the low glow of flourescent lighting at an AMPM, chatty homeless people, a few brews, and several pairs of gloves, and a few rerouting of the belt till we finally got it wrapped arounf everything, the last pulley was tough, but, with some determination and some thinking, and a nice big 17mm open ended wrench, we were able to barely get the belt onto the steering pump pulley, the only place we could get enough leverage, and once on, which was what took the longest, because we had to really get that belt stretched high enough to get on, it finally went into place.

When Rich told me about the surging/misfiring, I instantly figured cracked cap., and we opened the hood only to see a nice spark jumping out of the number one cap connection.

I guess a belt coming off a car at 90mph has a lot more speed than 90mph!!! we limped it back to my house, downed a couple of beers, went off for a late dinner, and then chatted some more, and then rich cruised home.

All in all, it was an eventful evening. IT did help having my identical car right there for comparison of the belt routing.

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