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I'm wondering about a few things with regard to these control arm bushings for my '87 300D. Today I asked the dealer shop foreman to check them out, and he said though they were installed incorrectly they were still tight, and should be Okay. The fronts are the ones installed incorrectly, backs are vertical according to the lugs. He seemed to think it could be a loose ball joint or tires/wheels. Does this sound right (are the rears more sensitive to being installed incorrectly?) Since the toe alignment has been set correctly tire wear is much better, but there is some sawtoothing on the outsides (much more minor than its been). I've been told by the alignment shop that some sawtoothing is allowed and it will show up more if I increased my city driving. Is this true? Thanks a lot for your expertice. I wish I lived near your shop, I feel my problems would have been long gone...

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