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thanks to all for the responses to my problem. i initially scanned the other sockets with the following results:

7) code 13-ect open circuit
8) code 009 amm signal too high
14) codes 112-can:fault in transmission from efp n4/1
182-safety fuel shut-off switch signal n3/1
224-idle speed contact switch s29/3

i have also since discovered that i have the dreaded wiring harness insulation flaking syndrome. the good news is that my local dealer agreed to do it for 2.5 hours labor and no parts cost. i hope this cures my ills but with the number of faults stored, this may not be the case. i will report back after the harness replacement later in the week. btw, thanks stevebfl for your assistance and the alignment gave the vehicle a better "feel".

best regards,

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