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Follow-up info. (It runs well so itís kinda on a back burner among a million other things to do but,Öas time allowsÖ) Borrowed a fuel pressure gauge. It runs at 80 psi, shutting it off brings it pretty quickly to 50 psi. 30 minutes later itís still at 40 psi. Bought the shop manual. (Talk about a hard reading, poorly index CD book). Ouch. Specs seem to be in line with what Iíve got. 6.2 bar, (which if 1 bar =14.7 psi) then it should be 91 psi. Iím at 80. At shut down book says it should be below 3.4 bar. (49psi) Iím at 50 falling to 40 after 30 minutes.

Brought the car to an independent MB shop who agreed to diagnosis for $50. He claimed electrical is fine, & no codes showing up, & checked fuel pressure confirming my findings and said it was good, but diagnosed with 90% confidence level the fuel injectors as the problem. Claimed he had pulled 3 injectors and all were bad. $600-$800 for him to do the work. I did it for $250 with great hesitation never having done it before. (Itís almost as easy as changing spark plugs.) During removal, I found gas in only 3 of the injectors. Things seemed like they were looking good. Well they must have been bad because itís running sooooo much smoother, so I wonít complain, BUT absolutely no effect on the hard starting. When hot, and 30 minutes, itís still 5-7 seconds till started.

Any one got some further thoughts?
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