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Thanks a million AMG or anyone else who happens to come across a fine example. Thanks to this site I think I've narrowed it down to a few things. With any other car I would be more careless, but buying this car will mean the fulfillment of a little dream of mine so I have to insist on a few things.

1. Either black or white exterior with either a beige, black, or grey interior.
2. Has to be a 560 SEL
3. A/C must work (thanks AMG)
4. Timing chain and guides must have been replaced recently
5. 89 or newer
6. < $10,000

I'm an airline pilot so I'll be making the two-hour drive from Pittsburgh to Cleveland only once a week. Eventually I plan on taking the car to Los Angeles, where I will use it as a primary car. Thanks for keeping a lookout.

-Josh (New Mercedes Nerd)
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