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I believe this car is it, give me your opinion on price

I had stopped looking at S models because at 202" they were a bit too tight for my taste in th garage. But after many failed E series, I saw a S this morning. 1988 300SE, original owner, 76,000. Carfax checks out and he has all the records since new. Head gasket has been changed, all new brakes and rotors front and rear. A/C is ice cold. But the A/C is also my only concern. He had the system fully inspected and topped off. He said they told him he needed 1/2 pound addes and charged him $70.00 I aske dif they used R12 or 134 and he had no idea. He said, Look, I'm a CPA, I know nothing about cars except to maintain them per thwta the manufactirer says. If they added 134, as far as I know, the gases are ok together, the only problem would be if they added, ester or other to the mineral system. But I have to assume as he does, that they added the proper coolant to a 1988 car. They didn't give him a receipt, he just paid cash.

Now, the a/c is colder than my 2002 Protege. So, I would assume if they added 134 the system would be less efficient than if they used R12 and would therefore be less cold right?

The price is 8800 and I'm happy with that because of the condition and documentation.
Ron Brooks
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