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Re: Long Cranking Time to Re-Start.

Originally posted by JP560
Hello Everyone, I'm new here, and VERY gratefull, This is a great resource and help to me. THANKS!

I just got, (about 2 months) an 87 560SEL 75Kmiles. Runs great, but..... When cold, it starts easily. If restarted within 5 minutes, it re-starts easily. If left for 20-30 minutes it takes an extended cranking time to start, about 5-7 full (long) seconds. During the long cranking, there is no coughing, catching, no nothing for about 5 seconds, then it comes to life,... rough for about 10-15 seconds. The symptons are very consistent.

From reading other threads, it seemed likely that the fuel line pressure was leaking off and fuel vaporizing? I've changed the fuel pump check valves, (both) and then the fuel accumulator. No improvement what-so-ever. So now what? Help....

I'm kinda clueless as to next logical step. Pressure checking? If so where? Thanks for you help in advance. JP

I have a 78 450 slc and have the same long cranking time problem. I thought it was a cap and rotor problem as another person responding to your post did. I replaced them and the problem continues. I am now looking at the balast resistors
( mounted beside the coil) as the problem, if I have any luck I will let you know. If you find your problem, drop me a line- I would appreciate it. Good luck!
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