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Re: overheating 450SL

Originally posted by turboSD
Hi Folks,
Any one have a suggestion on solving the overheating problem on my 77 450SL?
What I've done so far:
changed the thermostat
had the radiator redone
changes all the hoses
put in new red coolant
tuned up the motor
The radiator doesn't boil over, but the temperature gauge goes up to the 3rd mark, just before hitting the red mark. The heat seems to build after cruising speed is maintained and then the heat builds while stopped.

I have a 78 450 slc that was overheating. I did the usual, but what fixed it was a new 15 lbs. cap. It still runs a little hot but doesn't loose fluid anymore. I live in Palm Springs and it is 115 outside so most cars run a little hot.

Hope it helps!
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