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I have been recording Norm Abram's New Yankee Workshop and This Old House for over 10 years.

Norm Abram's skills are light years ahead of mine. My father was a high school drafting and wood shop teacher, so I learned from him, but I never built the kind of complicated furniture that Norm builds.

The most involved project I built was a home office set-up for myself at home. I built it in the Shaker sytle of furniture out of solid cherry, with a black melamine board table top, and black porcelain door and drawer handles. It is in the shape of an 'L', about 4 feet on the long side of the L, and 2.5 feet on the short side of the L. There are cabinets above the desk that go to the ceiling.

It took me so many weekends and evenings after work (about 9 weeks total), that I got so burned out that I've done very little wood working in the past 2 years since it was finished.

The only thing I've built since is overhead storage in my garage above the roll-up garage door.
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