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What should "low side" of refrigerant cycle be?

Have had my 350 SDL for about 2.5 years ... has always cooled well. Noticed recently that it is cycling more in and out of cooling ... I figured was due to natural loss of R-12 ... I understand this can happen from 0.1 to 0.25 per year in even well sealed systems on cars.

So, I put on low side hose to put a can of R-12 in ... I ended up with about 38 inches on the low side after starting at about 30. Air is a bit colder, but more importantly, the cycling has been signficantly reduced.

As you can probably tell, it has been many years since I worked on auto a/c systems ... did I do this right? Was my diagnosis correct re the loss of coolant causing the cycling in the absence of other problems?
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