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Don't feel bad. Last week I sat next to a guy on the plane back from Las Vegas. He had flown to a dealership after conversing with them for a week on a used Ford Excursion. It was "supposed" to be fully loaded including 4-wheel drive. He was planning on driving it home (12-hour drive) and packing it up for a family camping trip. The dealer picked him up from the airport and drove him to the dealership for a test drive. After a couple miles, he got out and looked under the car. Hmmm, no transfer case! It was a 2-wheel drive. The ol' bait-n-switch. Boy, was he pissed! He made sure they paid for his ticket -- BOTH ways. He was so discouraged he told me he was going to buy brand new. Long story, but don't fel bad, your dream car will happen if you have the patience.

Good Luck!

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