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300e hot start problem

Drive a 1993 300e with 136 k miles that has a hard time starting intermittently when the car is hot and the environment temperature is above approximately 75 degrees. Will start fine when cold. When the problem is present, the car will crank, however, will not start. The problem only seems to occur when I return to the car within 30 minutes of having turned it off. Errands have become something of a game of chance because of this. Most times I've continued to try to start the car every 5 minutes or so and within about 20 minutes it'll start. When it does eventually start it starts as if nothing is wrong, i.e. no rough idle. Today, however, the car would not start until having it towed to my mechanic. The environmental temperature was 96 degrees. It then started on the mechanic's second try (inside the cool garage) before any testing could be done. Have read numerous posts and want to make sure I understand that this could be a symptom of a myraid of problems including faulty... OVP, fuel pump relay, fuel pressure accumulator, ignition coil, and/or ignition module. Could someone provide some good advice on what the most likely culprit of the problem is and what might be the most reasonable approach to solving it?
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