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Originally Posted by Army View Post

The front crankshaft seal lasted about 4 months - I've now removed the engine (to do some other stuff as well) to see if I can get it all nice and leak tight
It's always more fun to do things a couple times than to do them right once!

Although it is probably possible to get the alignment of the upper pan to the front cover without a special tool, in the interest of have more complete info on doing this task here is the alignment tool info:

Originally Posted by Diesel911 View Post
Also, in theory ounce the Pan is loose you are supposed to align it with a Special Tool before you tighten it.
Originally Posted by soothappens View Post
What does the tool do ? I'm getting ready to pull mine..
Originally Posted by Diesel911 View Post
Good lord. I have been looking in the Factory Service Manual CD and I do not see that tool.

So now I do not know if I just cannot find it or if I made mistake and there is no tool at all.
I am going to look in the printed book and chec.

OK I looked through the paper Engine manual and could also find no Oil Pan Centering tool.

So I am just going to beg for mercy and hope that my Apologia for being wrong is accepted.
617 589 00 14 00 Sleeve

Engines 617.95
Sleeve for centering the front cover and oil pan to crankshaft. 589 00 14 00

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