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Tom, my 86 Euro 500 SE dose same as your car,on page 14
my owners manual says to srart engine at operating temperature turn key in steering lock clockwise.Do not depress the accelerator.If the engine fails to start after approximately 4 seconds, fully depress accelerator and continue to crank until the engine fires regulary.Release the key and ease off the accelerator.At very high collant temperatures the starting time can be reduced if the accelerator is depressed slowly from the very beggining of the starting process.This has always worked for me but sometimes it can be pretty touchy as engine will run rough for a few second and you need to modulate the accelerator and be carefull as it will suddenly clear itself and you have to be carefull not to over rev it if your engine revs as freely as mine.check search for a fix.........
William Rogers......
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