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how to get at outside temp sensor cable connector

i figured out a while back where the cable ended - under the fuse box. i want to unhook it and clean the terminals as i my display still fades in and out. it seems to act up when it's really humid - that's the only correlation i've found. i already replaced the thermistor. i tried to unhook it once but it's really tight in there and i couldn't get a grip on the snaps. are there any tricks to this? i had unscrewed the top half of my fuse box to get at it - do i need to go farther?

on a somewhat different track - the LCD display fades in and out, sometimes w/ solid numbers, sometimes fading to nothing. early part of the summer it was on solid for a couple of months. this isn't a sign of a broken LCD is it? from previous threads, a broken display would either be solid or partially black...
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