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Ron, I'm sorry to hear about that crap. I looked for a good while (2-3 months) at E320s -- private owners, dealerships, etc.

Eventually one came into the dealership that was in great shape -- with 96,000 miles. My dad and I initially balked at the mileage, until we took it for a drive and looked around.

MB paint holds up unbelievably well if properly cared for, and now the car is at 113,000 miles. People can't believe it has so many miles on it. Keep looking, and don't settle for an Accord. Your peach will come your way. Just have a little patience, if you have the luxury of time, and don't give up. I agree with the people who said that a quick peak through the pics of benzes on this forum will yield evidence of how a merc can hold its appearance and vitality if properly treated.

Good luck finding a car, and keep peeking into the dealership, a good used benz will attract a lot of interest from people looking to get into a mercedes at an affordable price. From what I was given to understand from the dealer (and it admittedly was probably at least partially motivated by salesmanship), used benzes in good shape usually have a very quick turnaround time on dealers lots. Maybe a word with them to give you a call if what you are looking for hits the lot will pay off.

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