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Well - after numerous hours and 3 valve cover gaskets later - I gave up. I knew it was coming from the back top of the motor but could not find where it was leaking but strongly suspected the valve cover gasket even though new. I sprayed the side and back of the engine with degreaser and rinsed the engine clean. I then drove it to Mercedes Dealership and told them to find the d#$n leak. One hour later they are pretty sure that the valve cover was warped at the rear sealing edge. they gave me two options - without prices - Have my cover planed flat or a new one. So now this stupid little problem is almost resolved. Need suggestions - have cover planed or a new one? Which way to go? Fast lane has a new one for $171.00. What do you guys suggest? Will the planed one be OK or will it continue to warp?
Thanks for any suggestions.
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