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perplexing & frightening experience

Hello everyone. After reading countless threads over the past year, and subsequently finding answers to my queries, i've got to ask a question regarding a frightening experience:

The other day I was driving my 87 190 2.3 8v to the beach on a two lane road in the cottage country of ontario. As i started to make a pass in a designated passing zone, i manually shifted my autobox from D to 3rd (to avoid appling full throttle and encountering a violent kickdown). As i accelerated past 80km/h i hit full throttle. Just then the car came out of gear as if trying to shift down into 2nd, and instantly bounced off the rev limiter. I quickly backed off the throttle, and pulled over. No idiot lights came on, and the engine still runs fine. What could have caused this? My car has an 86 8v engine in it with ALOT of KM on it, bouncing off the rev limiter is not something that I like, nor can afford to do. Any suggestions to avoid this would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, great site... it's nice to see a dedicated enthusiasts site that's about great cars and owners.
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