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I once had a quicky lube 'tech' come into the waiting room to ask me if my oil pressure gauge was working.
Talk about a sinking feeling! The car was still running!
Turns out their computer had my car's capacity listed as 2.1 quarts when I know it took close to 6. Now this is a major national chain (which I won't mention, but it starts with J).
I guess checking the dipstick is too complicated and not covered in their training, or perhaps it takes too long...

I wrote letters to the corporation and everything in an attempt to correct their data so that someone else would not get burned.
Obviously, I never went back, but 2 years later, I met someone who worked there and just for fun had him check...
No correction had been made.

I've always changed my own oil since, even in the dead of winter, but if you go, remember to check that capacity value before you relax in the waiting room...
1986 300E 5-Speed 240k mi.
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