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Blowing fuse 1986 190E 16V

Hi guys,

I have a recent problem: I am blowing the red fuse
in the fuse box. Per fuse box cover description, the fuse
is in the blower motor, idle bypass, etc. circuit. Sorry,
I don't recall the fuse no, perhaps it is no. 1, not sure.

Blower motor is brand new, replaced month ago, so
this is likely not related to it.

The fuse appears to blow right after I start the car,
yet before shutting it down, it works fine on A/C.

I must add, my mechanic replaced the idle-bypass
solenoid recently for big $$, I assume he put in a
new one. He is urging me, unrelated to this fuse issue,
to replace the air flow sensor assembly, but am reluctant
to shell out $600 to fix a slightly high idle speed.

Car has 150k+ miles.
Any suggestions appreciated.

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