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AC stops blowing - 500E

In the past couple of days, my blower has intermittently stopped blowing. I've experienced: (1) the blower not work upon starting the car; (2) the blower working fine and blowing cold, only to stop, and then start again after several minutes of messing with the controls (I don't think messing with the controls has anything to do with the AC coming back on); (3) the blower blowing hot air, although this hasn't happened as recently as (1) and (2).

When it fails, I do not get any blown air across any of the buttons except that I get a small trickle of cool air when I push the Economy AC button. It seems like it's letting out a little bit of trapped air and eventually stops.

I'm going to check the fuses, but wonder how a fuse could allow intermittent failure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I live in Vegas, where it's 110 degrees and life without AC is intolerable.
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