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While I waited from them to drain the overfilled oil I met a furious customer who'd been waiting for 3 hours for them to find a new transmission filter for his Ford pickup because they had mistakenly drained the transmission instead of the engine!

Here's my story, but it's not that bad. I guess it was out of convenience and a little of the company's marketing that I decided to take my Volvo 245 to get this "signature" oil service. The service guy thought he was all smooth. First off, he told me that they can't vacuum my car because the vacuum is broken. Then the guy said he's not going to wash my windows because there is an overcast, and that there is no point in washing my windows if it's going to rain. I don't know why I even let him do that to me! There were some other fluid "checks," but I don't think much was done to my car except an oil change that I could have gotten at an independent Volvo place with better techs--wait, REAL techs. While I was waiting, the guy tried to sell me a $60-70 engine-flush service since I had mentioned that my oil looked sludgy. I politely declined. I later did my own engine flush, and did a damn good job!

BTW, I don't think it rained that day. And even if it did, I still would have wanted clean windows! I mean I'm paying $19.99 for the so-called signature service! All I got was a damn oil change and maybe washer fluid! I can't believe I was soooo nice and accepting!
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